How to set up ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ on your iPhone

How to set up ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ on Android

Distractions myths. Busted.

Let’s be clear, there’s no safe way to use your mobile phone behind the wheel.
Here are a few myths we’re taking the time to bust for your own safety.

Using my mobile phone while driving isn’t dangerous.

Even the most advanced mathematician cannot calculate a safe distance, quite simply because it’s impossible to know how the other driver will react. They may need to brake in a hurry. Anything can happen. And if you’re looking at your phone, your reaction time will change too. Research shows a driver’s reaction time is comparable to a drink driver with a blood alcohol reading between 0.07 and 0.107.

Checking my mobile phone while stopped at traffic lights is safe and legal.

It’s illegal to use your phone at any time when you’re driving, unless you are safely and legally parked. Drivers are slower to react when using a mobile phone and will often take longer to respond to traffic signals or miss them completely. You could also be tempted to use your phone when you slow down to a stop in traffic or as you take off again – that’s even more dangerous.

If I drive slower, it’s safe to text.

The unexpected can happen at any time – and even the smallest distraction can be deadly. Even if your eyes are off the road for just 2 seconds, a vehicle travelling 60km travels 33 metres. And if you think slowing down to 40 makes it safer, you’re still driving blind for 22 metres. The average person’s time to react to something is 1.8 seconds. This means nearly 4 seconds can pass before the average driver can react to a hazard, increasing your risk of a serious crash.

How dangerous is it?

Distraction is more dangerous than you think.
Find out how much you put yourself and others at risk when you look at your phone while driving.

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