The Mates Motel

The Mates Motel

Wake up at your
Mates Motel

Mates Motel menu

The day after a session at your Mates Motel, you might wake up bleary-eyed and disorientated. So, it’s a good idea to hang out for the late checkout, rather than take off right away. One thing you’ll need to keep you going is food. What do you do when you’ve got hungry mates crashed at your place and nothing to eat but leftover party foods? You improvise.

Rethink drinking and walking

When you’ve been drinking you think you’re a really good dancer – but really you look like a newborn giraffe on an ice rink. So you think you can walk? Think again.

More than 30% of pedestrians killed on the road have .05 BAC.

So before you go staggering off into the night, plan another way home. And whatever you do, make sure it isn’t riding a bike!

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