You lapse, you lose

If you’ve had a drink or two and only think you’re OK to drive, that’s a lapse. And on the road, you lapse? You lose. Drink driving carries hefty penalties, but it could cost you so much more. The answer? Just don’t drink and drive.

The low-down on drink driving

Alcohol BAC limits by licence type

In Queensland, Learner, Provisional and Probationary Licence holders are not permitted to drive after drinking any alcohol. They must have a zero blood/breath alcohol concentration (0.0 BAC) limit.

Open licence holders must have a BAC lower than 0.05. The same applies for supervisors of car and motorcycle learner drivers.

The following licence holders must also maintain a zero BAC when driving:

  • any vehicle weighing over 4.5 tonnes or an articulated motor vehicle. For example, a B-double or road train
  • a bus built or fitted to carry over 12 adults, including the driver
  • a vehicle carrying a placard load of dangerous goods
  • a taxi, limousine or public passenger vehicle
  • a tow truck, pilot or escort vehicle escorting an oversized vehicle
  • a vehicle being used by a driver trainer to give driver training or a specially constructed vehicle (including a tractor and motorcycle)
  • a class RE licence holder in their first year of riding

Drink driving myths or facts?

Clear your head of the myths surrounding drink driving. Bust the myths.

Bust the myths

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