Are you teaching a learner driver?

The online PrepL Supervisor Course offered by the Department of Transport and Main Roads includes guides and lesson plans which start with driving basics through to more complex driving situations. Road rule refreshers are also available as part of this course.

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There is also a free guide for preparing to be a supervisor, planning a lesson, gaining experience and avoiding hazards, and moving onto P-plates available on the Queensland Government site. This is additional free content to the PrepL Supervisor course.
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Defensive driving

If you and your young driver are interested in a training course, check out the tips to help make the right choice for you both.

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Driver Offence Notification

The Driver Offence Notification service is a courtesy email that can help you monitor and influence the on-road behaviour of your child when you let them use your motorcycle, car or truck. You will receive a Driver Offence Notification when your child or someone else commits an offence and is issued a fine at the roadside in your vehicle.

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Parents of children aged 16 and over

While children are becoming more independent at 16 years, there are several rules they need to follow, particularly in relation to:

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road rules on intersections

Road rule refreshers

Test and refresh your road rule knowledge here with a quiz, videos and “Your Keys to Driving in Queensland” publication.

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Search for the safest car

Encourage your young driver to buy the safest car they can afford. Before they buy, check the car’s safety rating by make, model or price using the Safe Cars tool here

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Information for young drivers

Check out the practical information and videos on learning to drive on the TMR website.

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